Non-local dynamics and intermittency in non-homogeneous flows.

Directeurs.rices de thèses : Babiano A. & Redondo J.-M.

Date 2000-11-02
Diplôme U. Barcelona


Composition du jury


The thesis analyze the non-local dynamics and intermittency in non-homogeneous and non-isotropic flows both in the laboratory experiments and geophysical data. After a review on models describing intermittency in homogeneous and isotropic flows, a different model for non-homogeneous and non-isotropic flows is introduced. A model is based on the analysis of the energy transfer hierarchy. The technique of Extended Self Similarity is used to study the scaling laws of the velocity structure functions. Experimental results of three type of flows cylinder wake turbulence in wind tunnel, grid and jet turbulence in water channel are presented and compared with the model. The geophysical turbulence in the Ebro Delta and Knebel Vig are analyzed and the results are compared with the model. The important contribution is the discovery of a new apparently parameter related to the energy transfer hierarchy in the inertial range which plays a key role in the understanding of the dynamics of the non-homogeneous flows.