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[LMD is] Benjamin Fildier was recruited by CNRS in October 2023.

Benjamin has spent the last three years at the LMD as a post-doc, focusing on the organization of convection and its link to radiative cooling of clear-sky areas. In particular, his research has focused on data from the EUREC4A campaign that took place in Barbados in early 2020. This work has led to numerous publications, the latest examining the influence of humidity on low-level radiative cooling in subsidence regimes:

With his arrival at CNRS, Benjamin returns to themes closer to those he tackled during his PhD, focusing on extreme precipitation. He will be focusing on the modeling of mesoscale convective systems (MCS) and their couplings. These complex thunderstorm systems form in areas of unstable air and are organized on a mesoscale (> 100 km).

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