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[LMD is] Fog forecasting with PARAFOG

The LMD has just completed the PARAFOG program funded by the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) (École Polytechnique project) and whose objective is to develop operational research on fog formation and dissipation processes from in-situ and remote sensing measurements on site in order to implement a tool for predicting the key stages of the fog life cycle. This program has allowed the operationalization of this forecast on several airports in France (Paris Charles-de-Gaulle, Paris Orly and Agen).

It has also made it possible to document the processes involved in the different phases of radiative fog and stratusto-fog. The methodology was developed within the framework of the ANR SOFOG3D and then applied to 200 fog cases observed on the SIRTA site. These results will be published in the coming months and will be used to develop modules on fog dissipation prediction

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