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[LMD in the field] Last opus of the field part of the MOSAI project

Last December the final measurement period of the MOSAI (Models and Observations for Surface Atmosphere Interactions) project took place at the Lannemezan site in the Pyrenees. This winter campaign completes a cycle of 3 measurement periods (April, August and December 2023) aimed at studying the properties of different types of surface (forests, crops, grasslands, etc.) under a variety of meteorological conditions. These measurements will supplement the data already collected as part of MOSAI at the météopole site (Toulouse) in 2021 and the SIRTA site (Palaiseau) in 2022.

Surface fluxes have been identified as a major cause of bias in large-scale models. The MOSAI project involves various laboratories, including the LMD, and aims to assess and improve surface-atmosphere interactions in weather and climate models. In addition to field measurements, work on observation-model comparison methods and on improving the representation of surface-atmosphere interactions for heterogeneous surfaces in models is being carried out.


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