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[LMD communicates] Moira I. Torres Aguilar PhD defense

On May 29th, she defended her thesis on the development of performance indicators for photovoltaic modules. An accurate estimate of solar electricity production is essential because its high variability is a challenge for its development. While the sun’s course and the optical state of the atmosphere (cloud attenuation, aerosols, etc.) are influencing factors of this variability, the thermal sensitivity of the solar panel is also significant. Moira’s work consisted of studying the accuracy of the thermal coefficient given by manufacturers through performance indicators for modules operating in outdoor conditions. Her results warn that the accuracy of this coefficient also depends on how the solar irradiance reaching the photovoltaic cell has been calculated. Carried out in collaboration with the GeePs laboratory of CentraleSupélec, these studies have fully exploited the measurements of experimental photovoltaic installations located on the campus of the Ecole polytechnique. Moira continued her work as a postdoctoral fellow in Tahiti at the University of French Polynesia.

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