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[LMD is rewarded] Sandrine Bony elected to the Académie des Sciences

Sandrine Bony, Senior Research Scientist at CNRS, working at LMD and was elected in November 2023 as one of the 18 new members of the Académie des Sciences.


The Académie des Sciences is a three hundred year old institution which issues recommendations and opinions on a wide range of scientific and social issues, providing a basis for public debate and political action. This academy is organised into nine sections representing the major fields of scientific research, excluding the humanities and social sciences. Sandrine Bony was elected by the Sciences of the Universe section, which now has 33 members, including 5 women.


Sandrine Bony defended her doctoral thesis prepared at LMD in 1993 and obtained a position as Research Scientist at CNRS in 1996. In 2018, she was awarded the CNRS Silver Medal. Her work focuses on the study of the role of clouds in the climate system, and is based on the use of observations (space-based and in situ), and numerical simulations. She co-organised the international EUREC4A  campaign as part of her Advanced Grant funded by the European Research Council (ERC) obtained in 2016. This field campaign, carried out in Barbados, helped to better quantify the role of trade wind cumulus clouds in climate change. In 2022, she received another ERC funding for the MAESTRO project, dedicated to studying the organisation of convection in tropical regions. In the summer of 2024, the ORCESTRA/MAESTRO measurement campaign, which is part of this project, will be held in Cape Verde to study the physical mechanisms involved in the mesoscale organisation of convection over the Atlantic Ocean.


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