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Planéto team

Planéto team

Thea Planéto (Planétologie) team studies the planetary atmospheres of the Solar System as exoplanets, by modelling processes at different scales and by supporting space missions and the analysis and interpretation of their data.

The Planéto (Planétologie) team brings together research activities concerning atmospheres other than that of the Earth. The team’s subjects of study are, on the one hand, the physics and dynamics of the various atmospheres of the solar system and exoplanets, and, on the other hand, the investigation of the evolution of these systems and the origins of life. These activities are supported by the development of models, in the same way as for the study of the Earth: Global Climate Model (LMDz), but also smaller scale models (large-vortex simulations, mesoscale models). The team is also involved in space research, through support for instrument development, mission preparation and data analysis. Although the main objects of study are the atmospheres of the planets and telluric satellites of the solar system (Mars, Venus, Titan), the team also studies the atmospheres of giant planets (Saturn, Jupiter), past climates to explore the evolution of these various atmospheres, the finer and colder atmospheres of the outer solar system (Pluto, Triton), and finally the diversity of the atmospheres of extrasolar planets whose discovery and study are in full expansion phase.

Xavier Carrobourg, Jan Vatant d'Ollone, Laurent Fairhead, Tanguy Bertrand

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