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[LMD gets involved] In training public agents for the ecological transition

Under the program led by the Ministry of Transformation and Public Service, with the support of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the CNRS has been called upon to oversee the training, initially, of 220 central administration directors and 25,000 senior executives of the State public service for the ecological transition, and subsequently all public service agents (5.6 million) by 2027.

The goal? To embed ecological planning at the heart of public policies by focusing on:

  • Understanding the major climate issues through awareness workshops and expert conferences on the biodiversity crisis, the climate crisis, and the natural resource crisis;
  • Field projection through meeting inspiring actors who have already transformed their activities to concretely address the challenges of the ecological transition;
  • And action, through reporting back to teams and developing specific action plans for administrations to achieve the ecological transition.

Drawing on its expertise in climate, resource, and energy issues, the LMD collaborates with actors in the humanities and social sciences to deliver multiple conferences on the climate and resource crisis, detailing the processes and challenges, discussing the risks, opportunities for mitigation and adaptation, as well as the economic and societal mechanisms to be implemented to align with the Paris Agreement.

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