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[LMD gets involved] LMD commits to gender equality and diversity

In December 2023, the laboratory’s board unanimously adopted a charter of good conduct setting out guidelines for greater respect of people, irrespective of their gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, origin (real or assumed), religion, pregnancy status or disabilities. This initiative is based on the outcomes of a survey on the quality of life carried out by the laboratory’s “Equality and diversity” group.


The charter sets out practical recommendations to tackle stereotypes and bias, particularly in recruitment, career development and assumption of responsibilities. For example, it is recommended to use inclusive phrasings to avoid discriminating against women in job advertisements. It is also recommended to broadcast information on open positions as widely as possible, in particular to avoid the “boys club” effect.

It also aims to foster an inclusive and caring work environment, allowing everyone to speak calmly without interrupting each other, better welcoming new arrivals, or providing better support for non-permanent staff during their stay and in preparing their future. To help reconcile family and professional life, recommendations are made concerning the organization of meetings and the inclusion of family considerations in staff appraisals. Finally, the laboratory is committed to combating moral, sexist and sexual violence, by acting on prevention, detection and reaction to potential problems.


At the same time, many of the pages on this website have been rewritten in an inclusive manner, although efforts are still needed to restore the presence of women, in line with historical reality, in the history section.


The Equality Month organized by Sorbonne University in March 2024 will be an opportunity to keep raising awareness among staff and to co-construct a more inclusive working environment.

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